What are the tips for the luggage buyers to move?

- Aug 26, 2019-

1. Luggage samples and information should be complete.

The luggage bag sample is the way the customer evaluates you and your company, so you are not only a product, but also the image of your company. Whether your sample is complete and the information is complete, you can let the customer visit your company. scale. For example, if a company that does not have a good sample can not do a good job, the customer will not be assured of entrusting the order to you. Therefore, the samples you send must be neat products, and have been tested by the engineering department and paid for test reports. In the luggage bag sample you send, you must have one copy of the product manual and two detailed product approvals, because one copy of the business card is required for the customer to return, and two or more business cards are available to ensure that the customer’s procurement or engineering department can Have your contact information).

2. Write your own contact information on the luggage bag samples.

Many people may ask, will this affect the appearance of the sample? It does affect the appearance of the sample, but it will let people know who the sample is. If someone picks up the sample during the confirmation of the sample, See your contact details. In particular, some companies will use your samples to load the prototype or hand it to his customers, which will help you better publicity, which is the effect that business cards can't produce.

3. Put some light and affordable gifts in the luggage bag samples.

In fact, people who purchase or find samples for you also have feelings. When he received the sample, he found that you gave him some small gifts, and there was a little touch in my heart, and I would pay more attention to your samples. A small gift can be a beautiful card or a small bag of tea. When you send samples, add your heart. Customers will naturally be touched by you. A person who is so careful can always be reassured.

4. Provide the customer with information about the material of the luggage bag he wants to know.

Your product, whether it is a part or a finished product, the customer must purchase other things in addition to purchasing your product, so when you send the sample, put some information connected with your product in the sample to give the other side a little help. It will be good for you. For example, if you are making fabrics, then you should buy a ready-made garment manufacturer, so that you can put some information on the buttons that customers may purchase in your samples, such as buttons or color edges, to help the other party. Of course, it is best for you to know. When the customer receives your sample, he will call to find the information you provided, which will help your friends and let your customers feel your sincerity.