What does the expandable luggage trolley mean?

- Nov 09, 2018-

Traveling out on the door and traveling, it is inevitable to use the luggage trolley. The luggage trolley has become a daily necessities in people's lives. People not only pursue the volumetric capacity of the luggage trolley, but also have different perspectives in terms of aesthetics.

The expandable luggage trolley is also called the telescopic enclosure, that is, when a layer of zipper is opened, the volume of the casing is increased. Type of luggage trolley:

1) Hard luggage

The rigid luggage trolley is a stamped box with accessories such as bezel, tie rod, handle, wheel and lining. Generally waterproof, pressure and wear resistant. The materials are mainly PP, ABS, PC and other materials.

PP: Hard, dense, usually used in toolboxes.

ABS+PC: It refers to the processing method of re-sticking a layer of PC film between ABS and PC mixture.

PC: Polycarbonate, colorless, transparent, heat resistant, impact resistant, flame retardant, good mechanical properties at normal use temperatures. Common daily applications for polycarbonate are CD/VCD discs, baby bottles, bulletproof glass, resin lenses, headlight covers, astronaut helmet masks, smartphone cases, and more. PC materials have solved the contradiction between the weight and the rigidity of the luggage trolley, and it is a good choice. A better rigid suitcase is pure PC material. If you search for a "luggage trolley" in a treasure or a cat, you can see from the price point that the cheaper hard case luggage is ABS material or ABS+PC film material.

2) Soft luggage trolley

All kinds of soft fabrics are sewn and wrapped on the ABS or PP liner, with accessories such as tie rods, handles, wheels and linings. Generally speaking, it is relatively light. The main materials are leather, imitation leather (PU), nylon, polyester, oxford and so on. Some fabrics can be waterproofed, so they have a certain waterproof function.