What extra features to consider when choosing a luggage?

- Dec 12, 2019-

When choosing a luggage, besides the material and size, there are some more points to consider

1. Handle

Look for a sturdy handle that feels comfortable and ergonomically designed. The handle system built into the bag is the best because it protects the handle from damage. Test the handle: Extend it to its full length, make sure it locks (and stays locked), and then rotate the bag. If the suitcase stabs your leg backwards, it means that the handle is not long enough to fit your height.


The bigger and stronger the zipper, the longer it can last, and the more resistant it is to travel. Look for metal on plastic, then look for self-healing zippers. This is called because if the teeth of the zipper are jammed, pulling the zipper back and over the jam will solve the problem and reseal the teeth.

TSA lock

If additional security is needed, choose a luggage that contains a TSA lock. Although you can also purchase the lock separately, many travelers will find it more convenient if the lock is built in the luggage.


When it comes to pockets, usually soft luggage bags. (The construction of rigid luggage does not allow many extra pockets and outer compartments.) If you like organized places-a place to store everything-there are plenty of luggage bags in the market that are right for you.

USB charging port

Many newer carry-on models include a built-in USB charging port, so you can power up your phone on the go. Luggage has a USB charging port is getting more and more popular now.