What the the good material for luggage?

- Jun 11, 2018-

Material 1: Oxford cloth material

This material is similar to nylon, the advantage is wear-resistant, practical, the disadvantage is that this trolley case material stereotyped, it is not easy to distinguish the luggage at the airport, but heavier, but there is no need to worry about the shipping will cause harm to the box, after being used for a few years it just look like the original, the surface of the ABS material will wear over time, and it may take a few times for a long time.

Material II: PU leather material

As the name suggests, it is artificial leather pu material, the advantage of this kind of luggage is similar to the material of leather material, it appears to be high-grade, but not as much afraid of water as the leather luggage, the disadvantage is not wear-resistant, not strong enough, but the price is low.

Material three: canvas material

This trolley luggage material box is not very common, but the biggest advantage of the canvas is the same as the Oxford cloth-wear resistant, but the disadvantage is that the impact resistance is not as good as the Oxford cloth, the canvas material is very evenly colored, and some surfaces may be bright. Looks good-looking, but over time, over time, there is an old and unique sense of vicissitudes.

Material four: ABS material

This is a relatively new type of material, to ask what  kind of material is good for Lightweight Spinner Luggage, this kind of material's luggage is good, ABS is the more popular fashion trolley luggage material recently, the main features are lighter compared to other materials, the surface is more flexible, rigid, impact resistance, more Good protection of the items inside, although the feeling is not very strong, but in fact it is very flexible, ageneral adult standing above is no problem, cleaning is more convenient, the disadvantage is that there is a scratch, but the last luggage sets much better.

Material five: leather material

Leather trolley luggage material is the most expensive, not cost-effective, but also more afraid of water, afraid of grinding, afraid of pressure, fear of planning, but, as long as the safekeeping, the luggage is very affordable, with the leather is not environmentally friendly.

Material 6: PVC luggage bags

The hard case is usually said, like a tough guy, like resistance, impact resistance, waterproof, abrasion resistance, fashion, can be said that much stronger than the ABS material, is the strongest in the box, the surface is smooth, good-looking, it will not Brutal handling and worry about scratches. The biggest drawback is heavy weight, which is about 20 pounds. In general, many airlines are limited to 20 kilograms, which means that Luggage for Carry on size the weight of the luggage is half already.

Material 7: PC luggage bag

It is now the most commonly used and popular hard case in the market. It has anti-drop, impact resistance, waterproof, abrasion resistance and fashion. It can be said that it is much stronger than ABS material. It is the strongest in the luggage, with a smooth surface, good-looking, and the most important feature. It is "light".