What Is the Advantage Of Foldable Rucksack

- Apr 21, 2018-

The foldable rucksack originated from mountaineering rucksack, which is initially invented by the mountain climber. When approaching the peak, the climbers no longer need to carry too much equipment, only need to carry a small amount of water, food, warm and life-saving items, then move forward with great efforts to the summit of the mountain with light equipment, while the large mountaineering rucksack is obviously too heavy to be suitable, therefore the small and lightweight mountaineering rucksack comes into being.

After that some of tour pal companions use the mountaineering rucksack in the long-distance travel, the volume of the bag is small and delicate after being folded, which can placed in a large rucksack, when arriving at a destination, you can put down the heavy rucksack, then use the lightweight small foldable rucksack, and put some belongings or valuables for light-equipped travel. Foldable rucksacks generally have the following characteristics:

1, ultra-light, minimizing the weight of the rucksack itself;

2, foldable for storage, folding volume is very small, can be placed in a large mountaineering rucksack, easy to carry;

3, the volume ranges from 18-35 liters, can hold the common belongings;

4, the fabric has excellent water repellent and tear resistant features.

Above are the advantages of the foldable rucksacks.