What is the difference between the iron rod of the trolley case and the aluminum alloy rod?

- Jan 03, 2019-

Going out for travel and business trips, you will inevitably use the trolley case. The trolley case has become a daily necessities in people's lives. People not only pursue the volumetric capacity of the trolley case, but also have different perspectives in terms of aesthetics.

The durability of aluminum alloy trolley cases is very high, and the unit usually lasts indefinitely if taken care and treatment and care. Conversely, if handled improperly, the trolley case can become concave and difficult to close and lock. For frequent travel, aluminum alloy trolley bags are often a lightweight alternative to the heavier trolley case design, making it easier to make quick flight changes with a few trolley cases when traveling.

Another alloy trolley case used is a flat side, which makes it easy to stack bags when using a trolley case.

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In some cases, the locking system, aluminum trolley case prevents theft, as it may be difficult to open without proper keys or combinations. When driving to a humid climate, the aluminum trolley case may prove less leaking and moisture infiltration than other types of trolley cases. The tight fit of the quality seal assembly along the proven features of a valuable aluminum trolley case.

In wet areas. It is often recognized as a single-character trolley case, a change in passengers' multiple modes of transportation, and a single voyage. The strength of the aluminum alloy trolley case will help to resist the crushing, dent and other forms of the trolley case to cut the strength of the trolley case. The multi-bar case is transported without physical damage or internal damage, making this type of trolley case a preferred staple for experienced passengers.

Tie rod difference

Style is another positive consideration when considering the aluminum trolley case. Foil bags are still very popular, year after year, and become an excellent choice for occasional travelers who want to have experience. For experienced travelers who want to set up a separate crowd, the trolley case is ok, giving the bag a pair of looks of a variety of colors and designs. Cost, however, can be purchased when this style of trolley case, a reverse foil bag is usually more expensive than other alternative materials made of the same size luggage.

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