What is the process of making a design for a backpack customization?

- Jul 08, 2019-

What is the process of making a design for a backpack? Regarding the customization of the backpack, there must be a design. How do you know how to design this design, what is the process? Today author shares with you the experience, I hope to help you:

First: Sketch: It is required to describe the backpack with simple and clear lines, simple but not simple.

Second: Plane analysis: The plane of the backpack is analyzed, and details such as detailed and correct dimensions are required. (especially important for new customers)

Third: Appearance effect diagram: Generally, it is a side view effect. It needs to be representative of the main body of the backpack. Special parts should be used for additional effect illustrations and color matching.

Fourth: material and production process description: generally use the list format.

Fifth: logo picture: There is a correct scale diagram, you need to indicate the production method.

Sixth: The whole set of design needs to be accompanied by a simple text description, clarify the design concept and buy points, and have market prospect analysis and precautions in bag making or product promotion.