What kind of suitcase should I choose to travel?

- Oct 04, 2019-

1. Generally speaking, a simple travel should choose a light and labor-saving and durable suitcase or trolley case;

2. If the business with the nature of travel is best to choose a deep color, can be naturally matched with professional wear; in the function of the notebook style, simple and convenient, for example, some of the current business suitcases will use waterproof nylon fabric, The included computer bag can be used to install the computer safely and independently.

3. The length of travel time is proportional to the size of the suitcase. For a short trip around three days, you can choose a compact 20-inch multi-function luggage suitcase. This suitcase is reserved for a variety of special purpose pockets and split layers, making it ideal for short-haul travellers and business travellers. If the journey is around a week, then you need a space-divided suitcase that can carry a large number of items, and try to choose a suitcase that is more than 24 inches. If the journey is more than a week or there are many transfer times, it is best to choose a hard suitcase, and don't worry about the damage caused by the rude loading and unloading of the airport.

4. If you are flying, the size of the baggage that can be carried in the country at present cannot exceed 20cm×40cm×55cm, and the weight must not exceed 5kg. The economy class can charge 20kg baggage free of charge, and the business class can check 30kg baggage for free. This small luggage suitcase is the most suitable.

5. Carry different suitcases for different travel destinations. When you go to Hong Kong and other destinations where shopping is the main route, you must bring a large-capacity suitcase, or you can choose a box, or even choose to bring a few travel bags to fold in the box. And when you go, the box is empty, you can save space and store shopping spoils. If you go to France, how can a wonderful wine not come back? Then bring a hard case, because the hard case can protect the contents of the box from damage when subjected to external impact. Travel hard cases and travel soft boxes have their own advantages and disadvantages in use. Because the shape of the travel hard case is fixed and has a certain strength, it can effectively protect some fragile and awesome items. However, because the volume of the case is relatively fixed, it is difficult to put more clothes. The soft box surface of the travel is made of textile fabric or leather, and the space of the box is large, which is very suitable for clothes that are not afraid of squeezing. Some cabinets are also designed with a stretch layer to hold more clothes.