What to consider when we are buying a school backpack

- Feb 07, 2019-

What to consider when we are buying a school backpack, below are some suggestions.

First, size of the school backpack, sizes for different grades/school level are different, for example, for elementary school, for grades below 3, the normal size is 39*28*15cm, and grades above size is: 43*30*17cm. While for middle school to high school, a more suitable size is 18 inch, height is about 45-46cm, for high school to college student, school backpack size is 18-19 inch, 46-48cm height, there is always a 15.6inch screen laptop compartment inside the school backpack.

Second, material of the school backpack, there are various materials, jeans, fabric, polyester, nylon, eva, pvc ect., a polyester and nylon material school backpack is always among the best choices. It's cheaper and more durable.

Third, whether you need a laptop compartment, for school backpack, there is aways a laptop compartment inside, for a 15.6 inch screen laptop.

Fourth, whether you need a sponge back panel. There are lightweight school backpacks without sponge back panel, while the others have, depending on your own choice.

School Baackpack