What to inspect for school backpacks

- Jul 25, 2018-

What to inspect for school backpacks

In the era of increasing diversified personality, school backpack style is endless: simple, retro, cartoon and other styles from different sides to meet the needs of fashion personality publicity. Today, to become one of the fashion trends of the school backpack, it is naturally inseparable from the corporate marketing line of sight. Many companies will customize the school backpack to do promotional activities, staff gifts and business gifts, and print corporate brand logo, take the opportunity to promote corporate brand image, and on behalf of the companies, it also begins to have a very strict quality standards.


Main material of school backpack commonly uses leather, PU, nylon and canvas, their material standards are different, but requirements in the appearance of texture are the same, are required orthodox, upright and smooth, no rugged and skew phenomenon. Leather fabric shall not have obvious disability, artificial leather and synthetic leather fabric shall not have obvious bumps, printing road, the main parts of textile fabrics may not have broken, broken weft, jump yarn and other defects.

2. School backpack trims. School backpack trims are divided into cloth and ribbon, school  backpack’s international inspection standards require the cloth, ribbon with white cotton friction 60 times, no fading, no desizing, no bleaching, cloth appearance without drawing yarn, no yarn, No jump yarn, no hook wire, no roving, no color, no big belly yarn, no stains, no holes, no broken, no creases, no wrinkles.


3. School backpack accessories. School backpack accessories are divided into zippers and hardware. School backpack’s international standards require zipper friction with white cotton 100 times, no fading, no bleaching phenomenon. Durability: test pull 100 times, no teeth, no damage, fabric requirements same as the cloth and ribbon inspection requirements, tooth chain without dislocation, teeth bright and no rust, no leakage plating, buckle Close, no shaking phenomenon. Hardware cracks and scratches are not allowed, Phi Feng touch does not hurt the hand, the rust, spots and stains on surface are not allowed.