When travel, which size of trolley luggage is better to buy.

- Dec 12, 2018-

When we are going to travel, what size of the trolley luggage we should buy, a 20 or 24 inch trolley luggage?

For the trolley luggage, which size to buy is more practical, 20 inch or 24 inch, we should first understand how big the size of the trolley luggage for these two sizes, so that we can buy the appropriate trolley luggage in accordance with our baggage requirements.

The size of the 20-inch trolley luggage is generally 34cm long, 50cm high and 20cm wide. The trolley luggage of this size can be taken on board without check-in. The clothes in spring and autumn can basically be taken with 4-6 sets plus some toiletries, which is more suitable for one. A short trip or tour for 3-7 days.

The size of the 24-inch trolley luggage is generally 42cm long, 68cm high and 26cm wide. This size of the trolley luggage has to be checked in by plane, and the 24-inch trolley luggage has a relatively large capacity, which is more suitable for a five-five-day tour of a family of three, both long and short. Due to the large capacity, the weight of the 24-inch trolley luggage is also very heavy. It is not recommended to buy a 24-inch trolley luggage when traveling by individuals, unless you need to carry a lot of baggages.

The size of the trolley luggage is generally calculated according to the sum of the length, width and height of the three sides. Different manufacturers, different styles and different practices have different sizes, but the difference is not large. As for the trolley luggage, it is important to see the sum of the three sides. As long as the sum of the three sides is less than 115cm, you can take the plane. If you exceed it, you have to look at the environment. In general, the trolley luggage that can be carried on the aircraft are all smaller than 22 inches in size! The size of the checked trolley luggage is also specified. Generally, the sum of the three sides is not more than 158CM. Therefore, when you buy a trolley, you should choose the appropriate trolley luggage according to your baggage volume and travel mode.