Which Is Better, A ABS Hardsided Luggage Or PC Hardsided Luggage

- Dec 27, 2018-

When people are buying a hardsided luggage, they will face a question, which material to buy, a ABS luggage or a PC luggage, which material is better.

Generally speaking, a PC hardsided luggage is more durable than a ABS hardsided luggage, ABS material is more delicate, easy to be broken under brutal treatment or not proper use. PC hardsided luggage is relatively more durable, as PC that's polycarbonate is more tenacious, it's a high density material, however the price is higher than the ABS hardsided luggage. There are ABS+PC material hardsided luggage, that's PC material covering ABS material, this kind of hard case luggage is cheaper than a pure PC luggage, but it's not must more durable than a good quality ABS luggage. Therefore, we should compare the material and price before making the decision.