Which Material Is More Wearable For Luggage Bags Application

- Dec 02, 2017-

Luggage is used to install things in a variety of bags collectively, including the general backpack, briefcase, tool kits and a variety of trolley boxes and so on. Bags are used widely in the daily life, whether business people, travel people, or office workers are essential, the style of luggage is also more and more personality innovative. Especially for enterprises, the emergence of customized services makes luggage customization more and more popular, by printing business logo information, virtually becomes a mobile propaganda effect. So, what kind of material is more wearable?

The method to differentiate between PVC and PU leather is to use a small piece of fabric, put into the gasoline for half an hour, and then take out, if it is PVC artificial leather, it will harden, brittle, if it is PU synthetic leather, it will not harden or brittle. Oxford cloth is a versatile and widely used new fabric, Oxford cloth in the market can be divided into grid, full play, nylon, Tiga and other varieties. Nylon, as a backpack fabric, it's very wearable and very suitable to use in the wild. Denim is pure cotton indigo stained warp and the character of the weft, moisture, breathable, comfortable, can be wrinkle anti-shrinkage deformation. A thicker cotton fabric or linen fabric used for shoe fabrics, travel bags, backpacks and canvas boxes. Oxford materials are in general wear anti-tear, high wear-resistant nylon material.