Which size of travel luggage is better for boys to buy?

- Feb 28, 2019-

Which size of travel luggage is better for boys to buy? This is a common question we may face when to decide to buy a travel luggage.

It depends on the period of time you are doing to travel, for 3 days or so, usually it is better to buy a 20 inch size travel luggage. And buy a 22 to 24 inch travel luggage for travelling with 3-7 days. The 24 inch travel luggage is the best and most suitable for business trips or vocations within a week. 5-10 days or short-term shopping tour is better to choose a 26-28 inch travel luggage, this size can only be checked on the Airline. Also it depends on the persons to travel together, if for a family travel or vocation, better to buy a 28-30 inch size travel luggage, it can pack a lot of clothes and travel necessities.

Generally speaking, men's business trips may carry laptop computers, notebook, notepad, files, and 1-2 changes of clothes and daily necessities, and they don't usually have more items than girls may carry. Therefore, it is better to buy a 20-24 travel luggage for business trips, but many men would prefer to bring a 16 inch pilot case or a 20 inch travel luggage instead, as these sizes can be carries on plane, they are carry on travel luggage size.