Why regular backpack factories are not willing to do a single private customization?

- Aug 01, 2019-

1. Raw materials are difficult to purchase, it is difficult to ensure the completion of customization!

It is well understood that there are many kinds of materials required for the processing of backpacks, and the number of fabrics is numerous. For example, there are hundreds of oxford fabrics commonly used in the current leather goods, and some are also customized. Also obtained by the material supplier alone, the market is difficult to buy, the amount is too small, the manufacturer can not provide.

2. The material cost is too high, the loss is too large, the customer is difficult to bear, the backpack factory is not worthwhile!

Backpack processing involves all kinds of raw materials, fabrics, linings, hardware, etc., and how much of these raw materials need a certain amount of order, than if the hardware, you may want to use only one hardware for the backpack bag, while the backpack manufacturers purchase Need to buy a package to buy. This virtually increases the cost of the backpack. And even if there are some in the market, unconventional materials are very troublesome even if they are found on the market, and the cost is too high.

3. The production cycle is long, the labor cost is also higher!

The customization of a single backpack bag is generally done manually by hand in the backpack factory, while the manual cost is too high for the machining cost of the assembly line. If you want to make two backpack bags, you need the master of the house. You can do it by hand. One master is doing it from the beginning, and the efficiency is low. It is impossible to complete the whole process of one backpack bag at a time, but the labor cost is the least. Also need about 300 yuan, re-processing raw materials, go to the market to find the time cost of materials, etc., a backpack bag in the bulk of the price as long as 50-150 yuan, and the cost of such a backpack to complete the light will be about 100 yuan, such a price Customers can't accept it, and the backpacker is not worthwhile.

4. The advantages of backpack manufacturers can not play!

The backpack factory is mainly for mass production, and the mass production is the division of labor and cooperation, and the high efficiency operation greatly reduces the various costs. A single backpack customization is not possible with the assembly line. Therefore, general backpack manufacturers are not happy to customize a backpack for you.