Design Elements For Soft Luggage

- Jan 11, 2018-

For soft luggage customization service, design is the major performance of a professional soft luggage customization manufacturer, and to produce a good product the first is to design samples. Soft luggage customization service design is based on customer's design requirements, as the soft luggage design must be sure to correctly grasp the specific needs of the user for the soft luggage.

1. Soft luggage design style

Soft luggage style design, which is a test of designer’s creative thinking, customization soft luggage designers tailor the soft luggage style that fits the corporate mage and meets the needs of the customers, according to different corporate culture characteristics, logo feature and use of soft luggage. Soft luggage style design is the production of various manufacturers to compete in the important bargaining chip.


2. The practical value of soft luggage design

Soft luggage designed after is to have a certain practical value, the design of the first point is based on the company's customization requirements, and the second is to play their own design ideas, combined with the rational design, design a special soft luggage which can play a role. If a soft luggage’ appearance it's beautiful but after a period of time there is emergence of quality problems, or design ideas can not be achieved, then it will not be used, it must face the fate of being eliminated.