Maintenance Method For Trolley Luggage

- Oct 09, 2017-

Trolley luggage has become an essential item for a majority of students and office workers, we will always see a large number of people carry a wide range of trolley luggage toward all parts of the country in the holidays. Then what exactly parts of the trolley luggage need to be maintained, and how to maintain them?


First, parts to maintain

1, Surface material. The surface material is generally divided into leather, canvas, nylon, EVA, etc., is an important part of the trolley luggage. Different materials usually require different maintenance methods.

2, Wheels. The wheels are not only the places which bear the maximum gravity of the whole luggage, but also the most serious parts to wear, therefore if want our trolley luggage has long life, then the wheels are very important parts to maintain. We need to take good care when using it, after using we’d better lay the trolley luggage flap or with side on the ground so as to increase the force area and reduce the time to press the wheels.

3, Trolley. The trolley of the luggage is one of the places which are easy to be broken. When purchasing the trolley luggage if you can, it is best to choose the luggage with aluminum alloy trolley, and such trolley is relatively solid and not easy to get deformation and damage. 

4, Password lock. Damage rate of the password lock is relatively small, if the password of the trolley luggage is forgotten, then if it’s not a must, please do not take a pry open, it is best to try to unlock the password of the trolley luggage slowly.

5, Handle. If carrying the trolley luggage by the handle, do not carry an overweight trolley luggage by the handle, so as not to damage the handle.

6, Zipper. We are afraid the most is the zipper of the trolley luggage is damaged, when purchasing the trolley luggage please check in advance if the stitching of the zipper is sewn flat or not, if it’s flat it is easy to pull and not easy to get damaged. Besides, another point of the zipper of the trolley luggage to pay attention to is that we put enough things on the trolley luggage is ok, do not stuff hard with extra things, otherwise the zipper is easy to be broken.


Second, maintenance skills

1, Material determines the clean way. For canvas, nylon, EVA and such material trolley luggage’s surface cleaning, you can use a damp cloth or glue roller brush to clean the dust of the surface. To remove the more severe stains, you can use a damp cloth or a soft brush dipped with neutral detergent to clean.

2, When it’s not used, wrap the trolley luggage with a plastic bag, so as to avoid getting dust. It’s very difficult to clean if the accumulation of dust gets in the surface layer of the fiber.

3, The cargo shipping stickers should be removed as soon as possible.

4, Vertical trolley luggage should be placed upright.

5, Keep the wheels under the trolley luggage smooth, inject the axle with lubricating oil after using to prevent rusting. 

6, When using the trolley luggage, pay attention to preventing high temperature and strong acid and alkali environment, and high pressure environment will make your trolley luggage get deformation.

7, Avoid knife scratches and such sharp items scratches, no matter how hard the trolley luggage is, it is also unable to compete with the knife.

8, You can use cold water in the process of cleaning, but please do not iron it, this will burn the surface.

9, Avoid putting the trolley luggage in a humid environment for a long time, this will make the trolley luggage lost the original toughness.

10, Often use cloth to clean the metal accessories of the trolley luggage, this can effectively prevent fading. 

11, Try not to let the trolley luggage move above in some rugged roads, otherwise abrasion of the wheels of your trolley luggage is quite big.

12, Using slight strength when pulling your trolley luggage, do not use too much strength, in this way it can be more smooth.

13, For the long time stored trolley luggage, keep it dry so as to prevent the generation of mold and peculiar smell.

14, If using wet cloth to clean the inside of the trolley luggage, close the case after it’s dry. 

15, Do not use the trolley luggage as a storage case, storing too much clothes will make the wheels or feet get deformation after long-term overload pressure.

16, The inside clothing straps, compartment boards should maintain a relaxed state, if the elastic straps are stretched tight for a long time they will lose flexibility.