The Latest Developed Plasma Active Oxygen Sterilization Travel Luggage Bags!

- May 28, 2020-

Today I am introducing you our compeletely new development-Plasma active oxygen sterilization luggage bags! And we are applying patent now!

Below please find the illustration and some models we have installed the sterilizing equipment for your info.  

For these years, I think it's a good idea to order for company gift even our personal use. When we are travelling outside, we will feel safer and more comfortable with such a luggage bag that has the sterilization function. We can sterilize our clothes, hat, mask, mobile, the belongings we want to sterilize, which is very easy to operate, very convenient.

You can choose the model of luggage, travel bag, backpack, or handbag ect. to install the sanitization equipment, it's upon your preference.

Plasma Sterilization Luggage Bags