The Skills To Choose What Material’s Luggage

- Dec 26, 2017-

Nowadays the group of people for traveling is increasing; therefore the luggage market is also flamboyant. There is one flooded market behind which is the “cottage” luggage which affects the market. The clever consumers will check in the Internet to see which luggage brand is better, and such skills before buying a luggage bag.


1, which brand’s luggage (luggage, travel bag) is better.

Whether a luggage quality is good or bad, it mainly reflects on the trolley and wheels. The best quality material for trolley is aluminum which is relatively light and strong; for the wheels, see whether there is a bearing in the inner side of the wheels, if there is a bearing in the wheels they will be relatively strong and durable. Besides, the rear wheel of the luggage is a very critical part, if the rear wheel is exposed, it is easy to be damaged by the road steps during use, in general, the use of semi-wrap rear wheel is more durable, Now many consumers are accustomed to shopping luggage online, while the luggage styles online shopping mall are complete, but also should be careful in the product quality for online shopping. Therefore, this requests skills for online shopping of luggage, so as not to buy inferior products: First of all, before online shopping check the product by various positive and negative information, paying attention to distinguishing the good and bad reviews; Secondly, look at the credibility of the online stores, choosing the malls or reputable shops;

Currently there are many materials of luggage in the market but the mainstream is nothing more than the following, commonly there are PC, PC + ABS, Oxford cloth, etc., then which material of the luggage is good? In general, the luggage is divided into two categories: the hard case and the retractable luggage. The products are mainly selected according to the use and preference. If traveling far away, it will be better to choose a soft fabric luggage, the strength is that it’s durable and anti-collision, suitable for airports, stations and other places where there is flow of people. Besides, soft fabric luggage is more flexible and suitable for people who want to take more belongings with them. PC, or PC+ABS material luggage are more fashionable in appearance, they are harder and fixed in the shape, which can protect your belongings inside, but the packing space is not as big as soft luggage.

Skills to choose a luggage

How to choose high-quality luggage products? The professionals whom the Editor interviewed give the following tips:

1, choose a hard or soft luggage according to the travel distance and carrying items. Hard material is mostly plastic, easy to get aging, but moisture-proof impact, suitable for travel; soft luggage and other materials are mostly Oxford cloth, easy to get moisture, but they can be used for a long time, and have a certain degree of retractable, suitable for both long and short trips.

2, choose different specifications according to travel options. If you go out by plane, then the luggage carried must not be greater than 20 inches, otherwise it can not be carried with you, you must apply for cargo shipping procedures.

3, focus more on the wheel and the wheel structure. It’s very important whether the wheel is good or bad, you should choose dual spinner wheels and rubber wheels, because the cargo shipping will inevitably encounter rude handling, it is easy to make the wheels damaged; besides, the wheels should’ better have bearings, noiseless and firm.

Trolley luggage and suitcases are in a wide range of different styles and are ever-changing, but no matter what kind of luggage it is, remember the quality factors which determine the luggage as the editor have suggested here, we can easily determine the quality and design of a luggage is qualified or not, and whether it meets our needs.