What Is The General Use Of Waterproof Luggage

- Aug 14, 2017-

We are afraid the most in travel is accident, afraid that the travel suitcase is easy to be broken, and there is no waterproof function. If there is no waterproof function for the suitcase it may make clothing damp, even it will not adapt to the sun we can also be happy to walk with. So many travel enthusiasts and business travelers prefer to use waterproof suitcase, then what general fabric to use for waterproof luggage


Soft suitcase


The common soft trolley case now in the market is mainly nylon. Nylon trolley case itself is strong and durable, wear resistant and flexible, which is the most durable material in the cloth material, then is it waterproof? Density of the nylon is high then it's more durable, nylon itself is not waterproof, but due to its own material superiority it can be added a waterproof coating, so as to give the waterproof effect. However, we should pay attention to the market and see if the pure nylon trolley case will have such a superior condition.


Hard luggage

The hard luggage compartment is a stamping box. Rigid suitcase has exquisite appearance, flexible material type, commonly uses PP, PC, ABS and PC + ABS. Material of hard luggage case is rich hard, dense, heat, impact resistant,  flame retardant, and has good mechanical properties in the general use of temperature. Hard trolley case selection of the material itself is impermeable, can block any liquid; so itself has a function of water cut, and more waterproof compared with the soft suitcase. So compared to the soft trolley case, hard trolley case is higher.