Luggage Bags Cases

Item No.:LB-101395
Brand: Chubont
Type: Luggage Bags Cases
Material: Waterproof nylon
Lining: 150D
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Product Details

Luggage Bags Cases

1. Product features of Luggage Bags


Other features Luggage Cases 2019

1-Built in caster trolley luggage with 4 universal wheels
2-With expandable zipper layer, double zipper, zipper 10#,8#, with matching color zipper
3-With good compass tele-scopic trolley system
4-With waterproof nylon, 150 lining with Chubont logo printed
5-Available sizes with 20/24/28 inch, 3pcs/set
6-front 1 pocket for easy access
7-With 150D lining printed with Chubont brandname
8-Strong reinforced fabric handle, TSA zipper lock
9-Shipment around 40-45 days after deposit.

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